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Apex Medina Sketching Software

Apex Medina (standalone version)

Apex Medina Sketching Software Apex32
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Apex IV™ version 3 Standard Edition is the latest floor plan sketching and area calculation application, to hit the market, and has quickly become the best sketching tool the industry has see to date. Four years in the making, Apex v3 boasts over 40 new features that focus on workflow, speed and accuracy.

Customers who have been using Apex product for many years have nothing to worry about. Apex v3 is designed to draw as it always has, giving users the ability to learn new drawing techniques and the many time-saving features at their own pace.

In a few easy steps, transform your rough field sketch or plans to a complete professional-quality sketch, with even the most complex areas automatically calculated, no matter how large or irregular the shape.

But power is meaningless without simplicity. All menu items and commands are intuitive and familiar. With robust tutorial features and experienced technical support, help is always at your fingertips. Whether you're switching from another program or you're ready to sketch floor plans for the first time, Apex is your powerful and easy solution.

  • Undo - Apex IV version 3 now has multi-level Undo for the most serious mistakes like deleting an Area or some other portion of a sketch.

  • Save/Auto Save with Open Areas - Auto-Save now saves after every event, such as drawing a line or adding a symbol or text. You can also save your sketch at anytime even when an area is still open.

  • Move Areas with Contents - Now when you move an Area, everything contained within the Area will automatically move as well. No more redrawing Free Form Lines or repositioning Text Labels & Symbols!

  • Nested Areas - While drawing an area, you can now define and begin drawing another area even though the first one is still open. For example, when you are drawing GLA1 and come to the front porch, you can now draw the porch at that point instead of waiting till after GLA1 is closed.

  • Reverse Drawing (Swap POB) - Select the Swap POB function while drawing and you will be able to continue drawing from the Area’s original Point of Beginning back the other direction.

  • Draw First Mode - Begin sketching immediately without having to “define” the Area first. Why worry with what the Area type will be until you’re finished with it? Now you can define Areas before or after you draw.

  • Working Grid - Apex has always had a grid, but it was more cosmetic than functional. Now, not only does it look more like real graph paper by default, but users can draw on the grid, snap to the grid as well as use it for a visual aid when aligning items.


Apex Medina Sketching Software Apex32
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